Warning: Don’t Summon The Witch


The Heck?!

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to understand that there are many sides to me. I am a stubborn moody individual, a bitchy lady often, and very difficult to deal with at a times.

This is not an act

I try to keep my good side upfront by being a reasonably nice, decent, fair, and flexible human being while in awareness of my own shortcomings and flaws. Oh, trust me, I am my own biggest critic but also the biggest fan.

Here we go

However, when an s-type tries to enter my kingdom and messes up with my best intentions put forward, I start to get annoyed and soon enough that may evolve to get me pissy and beyond.

For the beginnings, I dislike someone who is clearly not compatible with me but insists he is. Or, he expects me to change my core to accommodate him. Additionally, an s-type that tells me what to do as opposed to suggest what we could do if I wish it so.

As things start to progress, then there is a long list that will earn him banned from my life. Some are:

  • deceit
  • unreliability
  • poor gratitude skills
  • constant disobedience
  • poor personal accountability
  • bratty or challenges authority
  • impulsive, childish, cowardly, or dishonorable behavior

Simply because that is NOT how this works!

In the far fetch, he didn’t get vanished from my realm, and he still wants to come back or stay…ha! as a penalty, he may have just unlocked my extremely harsh side with no possibility of parole.

I need people who can add positively to my life, not burdens.

I try to avoid this side myself at all costs. This is because even though it will please me greatly, it even scares me. It will please me but not in the sexual sense. Basically, he will become as disposable as garbage and not someone worthy of my cherishes at all. It is unlikely that he could ever wipe his prior wrongdoings because he betrayed my trust. This is not a game or a fantasy.

Let’s revise

You do me well, I’ll do you well.

What needs to be clearly understood is that once my heart turns cold and black as coal, it is for your best interest that you don’t come back to me but apparently some are into this. You will have to assume all the responsibilities about it if I do decide to welcome you back. If you couldn’t keep up with me before, it is highly unlikely you will the next time around.

When our time ends for whatever reason, it really should end. Don’t expect or pressure otherwise. Ideally, we ended in good terms, however, and we could stay in touch. If we ended in good terms, at the time of my official decree of dismissal or release, you will be directly told that we are ending in good terms. If I didn’t declare it so, then we are not…watch it!

I’ll be the only judge of how I label your actions or no actions. It is for you to deal with the consequences of those.

I am The Law

No Mercy – Sin Piedad. You don’t like it? I may be kind enough to walk you myself to my gates. Building a Stable here. Don’t disrupt!

Learn to Walk-The-Line


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