Three Things I Give Zero F*cks



Having to be in a romantic relationship or go out on dates just because is fucking overrated. Sure, it will be nice and I get lonely as much as the next person, but I am very okay with my own or my close friends’ company. Loneliness became my best friend anyway. We are besties!


Not worried about fitting in or be part of the masses, regardless. I definitely learned to dance to the beat of my own music. Let’s face it some fashion items are just ridiculous, even fetish footwear and clothing. This just means that I am low maintenance. You’re welcome!


This one will get a rant:

I REALLY…REALLY DON’T GIVE ZERO FUCKS about having a man kneeling and being at my feet or tied up all the fucking time. I rather have him standing by me and at my side. If you are the type of man that only associates his “submission” by having to be at a woman’s feet most of the time, then we are not compatible.

Although this has its own time and place, I have no practical use for a kneeling or restrained man. Go make yourself useful for a change! Worthy of me inviting you back to my Home. Kneeling at “my feet” it ain’t the way for earning that privilege.

Look, I get it! But if you really want to serve me, then go and do something productive for me. Like wash my car, take out my garbage,…hey, how about mopping my hardwood floors, cook lunch,…ETC! …and do not ever expect a sexy “reward” after. I certainly don’t need you to tell ME how I want you to serve ME?

While I struggle to keep the sadist beast on her cage and deal with an unquenchable sex drive, you still will never, ever for sure get not even a chance to experience any of those sides unless you demonstrate to me first you are sincerely into being an obedience-domestic-service oriented slave. I’ll only accept this specific type. I don’t roleplay and I expect the same from any of my partners. No matter the degree of their submission.

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