She Vanilla


There are endless things in life that are for us to enjoy and are even for grabs. Yes, free! It is free to stop and smell the flowers.

Even at the supermarket unless you are allergic to flowers; given the case, I don’t recommend it. Bottom line, there is so much in life from where we all could draw a genuine satisfaction that is unrelated to human sexuality.

I, for one, still love the good o’l vanilla. Yum! Just not in intimate relationships. Even if I chose to have a “vanilla” playmate, I still will bring in the sprinkles,…and cherry and all the Toppings they consent. But that might be a good topic for a separate journal entry. Ha!


Music is a huge part of my life. I enjoy most genres ranging from classical to classic country. My eclectic taste I don’t mind listening to music in other languages besides English either. In fact, to enjoy music one doesn’t have to understand the lyrics if they are present. To me, music is simply an expression of a feeling or an emotion. Thus, translation is not needed when we tuned-in. Nature sounds recordings are also enjoyable. Especially when one couldn’t hear those otherwise.


Dancing is another huge part of my life. I’ve tried to learn how to play certain musical instruments and for the life of me, I can’t be where I’d like to be with that. Kind of about to give up on that but I did learn something from my trials. I am best at expressing myself with my body through dancing instead. No formal training on that either but it is my intent to change that soon enough.

Definitely not into singing but I’ve written some lyrics and poems throughout. I remember young me carrying around a notebook full of my scribbles. Now, I only got those in a private application on my phone but miss carrying an actual journal around.


Gardening is a huge part of my life as well. Who would not like to go down and dirty once in a while? For sure not me.


Yes, the list could go and on but I’ll stop because I already made my point.

In the end, as much as the mighty “Mistress” I may be, I am also a human being. My ultimate fantasy is just as the 1994 risque movie Exit to Eden, the adaptation of the novel by Anne Rice well pointed: “…no matter what your sexual preference is, true love, is still the ultimate fantasy.”

I forever am a hopeless romantic fool who will keep believing in happily ever after and walks on the beach late at night by the moonlight. No expensive whips or heels needed to get into our exclusive paradise.

Bonus Random-‘nilla-stuff

I have my life together, know what I want out of life, and I’m generally content. Some interests are watching documentaries or historical films, learning history, old buildings and towns, thrift stores, the paranormal and spiritualism, hot rods and classic cars, the arts, and tabletop games. A sucker for dark chocolate and Irish coffee. Bubbly personality but serious character. An old soul with an eclectic and eccentric taste. Tatted-pierced up and hybrid country-town woman. A 2nd Amendment supporter and a politics loather.

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