Sessions and Interests

The Art of Domination and Sadism.

What She says, goes!

Independently specializing in Domestic Discipline with certain specific types of role plays within Authoritative figures, and side activities such as financial domination, cuckolding, chastity key-holding, and ownership. Would consider, however, other professional FemDom activities requests on a case by case basis.

Consent Me access to your being. Let Me step-in the doorway to ingress your mind and most especially into those dark or forgotten rooms. I’d love to be able to listen, understand, and if necessary, dissect your mind on My terms.

I work with sexuality and eroticism. To Me, it doesn’t matter that I’m just actively stimulating your brain. When I’m lusting over you, I’ll mess with it gladly – you better be amazing!

Fluid between the gentle and sensual to the strict and rough while staying true to Self. Capable to adapt to others rather quickly but as it serves Me. Moody-Controlling-Domineering. Obsessed with all things Vintage, Flannel, and Ink. Documentaries and Paranormal Enthusiast.

Note that I use “Master”, “Mistress”, and “Ama” interchangeably.

Domestic Discipline Passion

Discover a purpose and motivation in your life by serving one in Mine. Get the meaningful and fulfilling structure, focus, accountability, or redemption that you need through FemDom Operant Conditioning. It always seems impossible until is done. Beyond the body: It all starts and can end with a willing mind. It is all about an association between a behavior and a consequence, positive or negative by employing the rewards or punishments strategy that doesn’t have to end in the classic corporal mechanics.

The Limits

The merely obvious limits will apply. It is anything deemed illegal, harmful, too risky, skills that I don’t have, and have no interest in learning or I simply don’t care about, regardless. Don’t miss what is stated in The Rules. Generally, the additional limits are the activities that involve scat, blackmail, vomit, blood, age play, ab/dl, cash or gift meets, massages, and non-consenting parties.


On-Demand Online Appearances

While I have other solo venues, below its what is generally available to the public at the moment. All other links may be flashed on social media from time to time.

  1. Nite Flirt
  2. Loyal Fans
  3. iWant Clips

I engage in professional kink for an overall personal fulfillment and growth. It’s simply a different outlet to My end goals. The experiences! I don’t really need the money but I expect compensation, nevertheless, for leasing activities from My Domination, Leadership skills and Companionship menu with the bonus of meeting new people every day.

Over-Time Online Appearances

Independent – Could be by one or a mix of the following examples: email, phone, direct text, Skype, Telegram, Face Time, Snap chat, and Google Meets. Consultation, application, screening, booking, and prepay may be required.

Best experience – To maximize and enhance our on-demand or over-time erotic encounters, the above menu on-demand options won’t quite fit you, or perhaps you are looking for a Professional Long Distance Contract instead, you must properly book an inquiry for a custom made session.

You must Contact Me to Consult. Due to the nature of the beast, we really should discuss ahead your over-time and long-distance wants and options.

Public out-calls in-person or hybrid encounters are back available upon request for those properly vetted and screened.

Authentic FemDom Connection

Disclaimer: Available only for professional sessions or contracts.

Don’t try to converse Me endlessly on unpaid time anywhere. I truly don’t care how “obedient”, how well you could “serve”, how badly you “want” it, how “unique” your story is, or any other of your personal and/or financial circumstances. All of it is useless data to Me. I truly really don’t care and certainly don’t need or want your compliments. My time is precious. I’m a Luxury – End of it!