Serving Means Options

Not for your entertainment

Authentic FemDom and Control Connection


Consent Me access to your being. Let Me step-in the doorway to ingress your mind and most especially into those dark or forgotten rooms. I hardly can’t wait to be able to dissect your desires, needs, and wants in order to bring them to life and fulfill your BDSM, FemDom, and Kink fantasies at My will and on My terms. Always!

This strong and predatory Woman loves to toy with Her prey. Looking forward to seeing the twisted way you thrill with your deviancy under the firm grip of My control.

I am a control freak. I am a perfectionist. I am stern. I am demanding. I am dark. I am creepy.

I prefer to inspire surrender instead of demanding it but I can get domineering at fault. For the most part, I’m available and I’d consider new in my realm on an ongoing basis play-slaves and private-slaves. Each has its own unique role in my life.


Play-slaves Options

The On-demand Availability is limited, through a 3rd party and Remote only. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to follow the process to Book Me Over-time. You must be serious about letting Me dominate and have My way with you from the start with no personal commitment. Due to COVID-19 personal concerns, ALL in-person and out-calls encounters are NOT available until further notice.

Be the daredevil that seduces for the chance of serving Me. Earn the privilege to make My fantasies come true.

Surrender and you’ll become part of one of My two stables, collectively known as “Blaze Stables”.

Interest Categories