Self-improvement, the last frontier


Recent events have brought me into a series of deep meditation phases. Not only my Dominance style and MO keeps evolving as I go through the experiences, but also the way I manage my life in general.


Life, in general, could turn in a series of compromises and that might turn into a good way to live your life as you feel it suits you.

We should, however, choose the life we deserve, not a series of compromises to force us to fit into something we don’t really fit, want or need. Situations like that never last.

As we get older it can become more difficult to actually change. Whatever that means to us and in whichever area that applies to us. It just takes the will power and a strong reason. With a genuine “why” as a motivator, it can be attainable and even maintainable in the longer term.

I strongly believe that we can modify certain things to make our and the life of those around us more enjoyable because after all, we all matter. Healthy relationships are a two-way street in spite of anything.

Things to Work-on

My Awareness List

At times, I consider the following character flaws of mine. As a consequence, I oftentimes think that I should at least try to modify.

Having brought this to the attention of a few close people, it turns out that, they welcome me as I am. They wouldn’t have me any other way.

Guess what? On second thought, neither do I. That is inspiring in itself! Nevertheless, nothing wrong with some self-awareness. Don’t you think?

  • Passionate – Example, I fight for what and who I believe in and I give it my all.
  • Hot-headed – Example, sometimes, I have a short temper and I forget myself and allow my temporary emotions to drive me instead.
  • Stubborn – Example, if I really believe something, I have trouble backing down, which, can get me into the occasional troubles.
  • Emotional – Example, I let things get to me personally and at heart, which, could bring me down quite fast.
  • Caring – Example, I can be overly nurturing, which, can be overwhelming for the receiver.
  • Traditionalist – Example, I can be too much of a shy lady and could blush often.
  • Introvert – Example, even good surprises make me feel uncomfortable.
  • Loyal – Example, you are part of my life, I’m not going anywhere unless you push me for a couple of times.

Your Awareness List

Tag! You are it!

I’d be glad to learn some of the things that you dislike about yourself. It can be at a times but you would like to modify or change that about yourself if you find that empowering “why” as your motivator. You are welcome to make your comments private as well.

Let’s Make it Count

Self-development is essential for healthy personal growth and part of life that shouldn’t be avoided.

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