Rumor has it: I’m a Pro Dom


Quite frankly, is not a rumor and I am dammed proud of it.

The Good

As I crafted my Professional Dominatrix persona and fetish model character, I simply found it to be an extension of my personal life. It has been pretty interesting to find out that I can have two types of service providers after all. The private providers and the play providers. What an epic self-discovery!

I am after the experiences and not the cash, however, the money is just an added but very welcome bonus. Compensation beforehand for my time is expected and necessary with any of those who want to be one of my play slaves these days. This is definitely killing the time-wasters and let’s see what happens ones. Additionally, it also feeds my personal needs to an extent. A total personal winner here.

The Bad

Well, work is work there is no denying to that fact. This start-up and endeavor is in addition to the family and other life demands, plus an already established vanilla business.

As part of that Dominatrix persona, it is my intent to keep it classy and with limited offerings on the menu. To me, I am don’t really provide a service, but rather offer some of my private dominant skills up for lease on my terms, but of course, not everyone sees it that way when not in my frame.

The Ugly

I will probably keep on running into those that don’t know the difference between us, the lifestylers, the sex workers and other legalities. All of this while I battle the additional stigmas this brought to my door even within the BDSM community.

It is uncertain for how long I am going to find it worth my efforts. What is it certain that meanwhile I hit my breaking point, I am going to enjoy this road for as long as it lasts. Maybe a lifetime or may not. No matter what, I am going to make sure I am going to have a heck of a good time at most times possible.


The above is life! Be really open-minded and keep on pursuing your best self and evolving. Who knows what next could be for you. Don’t get stuck and stay comfortable in the known past. Venture into the unknown once in a while. No, not “live a little” but rather LIVE A LOT!

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