Rules, Policies, and Expectations

Unapologetically, Me!

Won’t justify the way I conduct My business. Either you follow The Rules or go away. Zero tolerance for misconduct and not in a fun kind of way. Learn it well. I’m a firm believer in Ethical Domination, SSC, and RACK. Consequently, those are part of My non-negotiable policies in My business and My private life. It’s the intent to keep it that way.

All in-person pro-business: requires passing a screening, not available on-demand, in private-residences or for groups.

My WebCam and Phone Rules

My Terms – Always! Not for your entertainment but rather you are for Mine. Thus, I won’t perform a “show” but it’s an Appearance; neither will seduce you, but you’ll have to get Me into you for Me to give you My undivided attention. Couldn’t care any less if you are “satisfied” or your “fantasy” came true or not. If it happens it would be a byproduct. I won’t accept any encounter proposition that isn’t stimulating to Me or won’t serve Me.

How it Works. Your Orders.

I am into Professional Domination NOT prostitution.

1. Know your sex workers – While My job is part of the consensual adult business industry, don’t be mistaken, I am not a prostitute, escort, masseuse, etc. I am an Ethical Dominatrix. I do not offer any type of penetration, exchange of body fluids, sexual gratification, offering, or service at all. Will never perform any illegal sexual acts. NEVER! I may lease some of My erotic dominance and kinky skills because it serves Me but not My body or Myself.

2. Self-sexual activities – All of My appearances either online or offline are non-personal, non-intimate, non-nude, non-lingerie, and certainly, I won’t self-pleasure. Get a dirty Domme performer for hire elsewhere.

3. The thin line – The only happy-ending you may experience is the one you provide to yourself and ideally, at your own private time. I won’t directly stimulate or sexually pleasure you. There is no sex and especially nothing that ends in “job“. Yuck – Ew! You are a consensual play-service-slave provider, not a consensual private-service-slave provider. Never, ever, forget your place.

4. It is what it is – I’ll have the final say on all. I won’t accept playing out any scripts, a risky or illegal activity, the use of alcohol or drugs, changing the intent, topping from the bottom, and I won’t switch or submit. Find a buddy or an actress instead.

5. Entitlement – The paying client attitude won’t be tolerated, no matter what. Consensual play-service-slaves providers don’t have any special kind of privileges just because they are leasing My skills. Drop your toxic ego while in service to Me.

6. Honesty – Be as transparent as possible, especially about your level of real-life experience, marital status, mental or physical health status.

7. Manners and Hygiene – Know how to treat a person right at all times whether online or in-person. You have enough self-control to abstain from touching or any other unconsented sexually suggestive comment or action. I won’t consent or tolerate any uncomfortable situations or seemly innocent mistakes. These may be taken as criminal sexual assault and harassment. You have and keep reasonable hygiene, grooming, and manners while serving Me.

8. Safety and Autonomy – You are solely responsible for your own free-will, consented activities, and grown-up decisions. I won’t be held accountable for your actions or any negative consequences of those. I can ensure your safety and utmost discretion as humanly possible, however. Safewords, signals, and revoking consent will always be respected and honored.

Additional Policies

1 Money matters – All sales, deposits, money tributes or gifts are final, nonrefundable, and nonreturnable, regardless. There are no discounts, financial negotiations, special offers, or any other considerations. Too bad if you can’t afford Me, Every. Single. Time. Come back when you do or be gone for good. I’m not responsible for your no or late shows. Cancellations are necessary 24/h in advance, reschedules are on a case basis.

2 Consent and confidentiality – Going both ways, consenting adults. As I will not publicly disclose any of our private engagement to any online or offline source and it is all conducted in all the most utmost discretion, as humanly possible, I expect the same in return. I don’t consent to the distribution of IMs, texts, photos, videos, or any other content. This also includes but not limited to reviews or discussions of My offerings and appear anywhere. No photography or any recording allowed without prior direct consent. Respect My privacy as well.

3 Reservations – I reserve the right to end My dominance, scene, session, or encounter should I consider it necessary according to the best of My sane judgment with no explanations. — Reserve the right to add to this list as I consider necessary without any prior notice. Some activities may require signing a Release of Liability document.

Mistress Sara

“I, Mistress Sara, hereby declare that, all the above is true, not negotiable, and highly prized by Me with no exceptions.”

By leasing My skills and becoming My play-service-slave provider, you automatically consent and agree to all of the business policies as stated above in addition to what it may be directly stated to you.