Reminder: Your Gratitude Skills


Dear slave,

It is MY realm and by your own free will, you keep choosing to be here, either as an accepted candidate, or active slave. I’m very glad that you do! As you know, I’ll accept and apply all associated responsibilities to this.

Now, I want to clarify or remind you of the following. If or when you don’t get along with non-negotiable terms or things, you know where the gate is. For this one, I won’t even walk you out.

Gratitude is one of those non-negotiable terms.

  1. I expect that you are very grateful for the attention or any other gift from me.
  2. I expect you to demonstrate it. Immediately as humanly possible according to the given moment or situation.

How to demonstrate it

  1. For the most part, a simple verbal or written acknowledgment is enough.

The formal one that I enjoy the most is “Thank you, …for gifting me the privilege of…You are very kind.”
The informal one is as simple as “Thank you,…”

As a side note, I expect you to learn or have learned the basic lesson for when to use and apply my formal or informal name. Thus, you should be smart enough to replace the above “…” with my name and/or the gift’s name.

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