Rant about bagels …or is it?


Hypothetically speaking,…

If I tell you that I want a plain cold bagel from the shelf, that is EXACTLY what I WANT: A PLAIN COLD BAGEL FROM THE SHELF!

It is what I expect to get at once without you questioning my choices. Like, “Really, Mistress?” or “There is no way a woman like you should be eating something like that.” or “Mistress, I think you would enjoy it best at least warm.”

No, thank you …and screw you, by the way, because you suck at serving me. You come across as unpleasant instead. I find no value on anything unpleasant.

So, I WON’T consider serving by you telling ME what I WANT, what I deserve, or what I should be doing instead because is bad for me.

If I like you, like you, I may let it go or would consider but even when so, there is a limit to that.

I will consider you to be an insubordinate insolent sub that is really looking to be escorted out of my life.

Cooling it

Now, asking for clarification is a totally different thing. So asking for clarification is okay but questioning or hesitating is not. Simple. Why you are making this complicated? I’ll tell you why.

Because you are the complicated one, not me. I am actually telling exactly how to please me and apparently, you are fucking something even so simple up. Ugh – You should be grateful that I am even giving the chance to do so.

Look! I greatly appreciate the sentiment, but please, for the love of whatever, understand that serving many steps ahead is a HUGE turn-off for me. When it comes to serving, I need it just about one step ahead.

Otherwise, just stick to OBEYING. Most especially at the beginning.

Don’t try to shape to me into your perfect Mistress. I am who and what I am, and that is the end of it. Take me as I am or leave, please. I’ll be better off by myself.

You are my SLAVE, not my life coach.

Don’t forget that


But, guess what? Time to spice this up and make you keep up. Forget the bagel, I want a warm glazed donut instead. No, not both. Get rid of the bagel and give me the darned donut. You have two minutes …and GO!

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