Phoenix Mode plays with Lust


Given the case you missed out, read Phoenix Mode dances with Love.

The first documented but edited version.

This time not “defeated” but rather – empowered right from the start. The changes are so strong that I feel physically sick even. This time I am enjoying it and I’d hate to see me rise. The chaotic process is so beautiful and I am starving for beauty. As I accept my faith, the flames no longer can hurt me.

There is no meanwhile, Love has a companion. A new playmate and is no longer weak. It’s definitely not a burden anymore and it no longer hurts. Lust came along uninvited and wants to stay. I need it to stay.

May share some more details once out of the Cave…


I won’t allow it! That is a promise to me, myself, and I.

Surprise twist

Not expecting one…

…to be continued,…maybe.

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