Personal Philosophy about TPE and TAT


Romantic relationships are wonderful!

They are also complex and at a times, challenging, and frustrating. Adding the BDSM element in the bedroom could intensify those challenges.

Well worth the effort, however, the deeper level of intimacy should strengthen and evolved the romantic relationship into an amazing bliss.

Perhaps to achieve the above a TPE (total power exchange) should be present no matter of the details of the dynamic. Since earlier this year in my bedroom, a TPE is an absolute must. This absolute has become my new non-negotiable standard. I want the total control, obedience, and dominance that will help me achieve the sublime ecstasy I want, the way I want, and when I want it. However, I will give back this absolute power to execute once is all over.


A FLR (female lead relationship)

How greedy of me, huh? No biggie. I am a very ambitious and greedy female. I own that! Let’s face it, we live in a society that is not only male lead but society itself places a lot of pressure on the man to fit the traditional box of ideals. Even if the man wasn’t naturally wired to think, feel or act that way, he is stressed by having to pretend he is complying with the norm. For the most part and I am cool with that.

Yes, Sir, please.

For the gentleman that may be or want to court me, he has to agree beforehand that behind our doors, it will be a different story. If he wants to be the one inside my realm, then he has to also sincerely agree to provide me with a permanent 24/7 TAT (total authority transfer.)

It is an authority transfer because the social norm mandates the opposite. So what he is doing is simply transferring the default male authority to the female in private. Once the authority has been transferred, I won’t give it back, neither he can take it without ending the relationship in the process.

The authority transfer is just an extension of our bedroom activities and even though this is permanent, the formalities are of a lesser degree.

Neither TPE or AT are negotiable terms with me but what is negotiable are the details of it. I usually describe TPE an instance when is one way, and AT could be both ways.

I strongly believe that TPE could function without the TAT but TAT can’t function without TPE.

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