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Female Led Relationships are everywhere around us.

They are more common than many would like to admit.

We all have seen it!

They are your great-grandparents or grandparents when we all do what grandma says; it’s that man down the street that is being called, “p*s*y whipped”, and even there is that saying from men, “the old ball and chain” to refer to marriage. What they actually do within the privacy of their relationship or at close doors is still remains their personal business but nevertheless, it makes one wonder.

Not sure why society in most cultures make it a stigma and stereotypes that women leaders are less than men leaders. Not sure why many even think that women could do a better job than a man either. Many of us would agree that not all women can follow a lead and not all men can lead. Each of us is a stand-alone and unique person and leadership skills are irrelevant to gender. There is no such thing as “role” or “gender” “reversal”. The word reversal shouldn’t even be there but I get it.

Traditional relationships can get complicated when there is no formal established HOH or leader. It can become a power struggle. It usually defaults to what we got conditioned to believe, the man leads, the woman follows no matter what. Egalitarian relationships can also become a struggle because there is no clear leader and power struggles can still happen.

For it to be an FLR still doesn’t have to be “kinky”, be into BDSM or even have a formal agreement. It doesn’t even mean she will boss you around all day and night or that you are inferior to her. By definition, it is a type of interpersonal relationship and a relationship style and not less or more than any other and it is simply when the woman becomes the leader and with the final say. It doesn’t imply better odds of succeeding either because, like any other style, it still depends on the individuals involved.

If it is a style that works or may work for you, go for it. There is no need to report to friends and family either what are the details of your relationship unless you want to. There is no need to do what other FLRs do. It is what you would like to make it be with the right partner.

I’m not saying an FLR is the best style but what I am saying is that as long as you have established a direct and enthusiastic agreement with your partner, you are golden. Just don’t forget to also directly bring up if is either in a monogamous or polyamorous setting.

There is no better time than these days to cease the style that works for you. Make it yours! No shame, folks.

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