Lifestyle Mistress vs Fantasy


I could be a strict disciplinarian and ritualistic at times with the need to compartmentalize and maintain certain connections. However, there is only so much I manage at the same time.

After all, I am a human being. Not a fantasy woman product of your imagination or perception. To me is all about the attitude, mind, and heart-set instead even when she does not have an active M/s dynamic with someone.

Although I have recently hesitated in my decision, I am a lifestyle Mistress (Ama). Now, a lifestyle Mistress does not mean that 24/7 we do certain things or even the lack thereof makes us any less.

Neither that we are angry tops out to punish every bottom we can get our hands on or that we have to welcome everyone waving an interest with a label.

Here are some other quick misconceptions

  • Spend our days end in perfect fetish outfits and looks.
  • Have a house full of live-in servants ready to please us anytime.
  • Keep such servants in shackles, nude, can’t speak unless spoken to, don’t have a mind of his own, can’t look at us, and are fed leftovers of our plate.
  • We live in bitchy attitude barking orders or demands to everyone on our path or else.

Or more importantly that we will play your kinks because those align with ours and just because you need to submit to someone or want to keep exploring your submissive side.

Get out of fantasy land come live in the real world like the rest of us.

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