What Mistress says, goes!

The Art of Discipline and Structure. Specializing solely in Domestic Discipline with certain specific types of role plays within Authoritative figures and side activities such as financial domination, cuckolding, and chastity key-holding.

As a naturally dominant and sexually aggressive woman, I live for rigorous control. Relishing the chance to get consent and gain entry to a submissive being.

The professional Dominant Female interests are eclectic, but at the moment, limited to the Discipline context. Thus, please only contact Me for related type of sessions. Whenever we do session will be an appearance and not a show for your entertainment. My weekly professional time availability is slim.

Fluid between the gentle and sensual to the strict and rough while staying true to Self. Capable to adapt to others rather quickly but as it serves Me.

I work with sexuality and eroticism. To me, it doesn’t matter that I’m just actively stimulating your brain. When I’m lusting over you, I’ll mess with it gladly – you better be amazing!

The Limits

The merely obvious limits will apply. It is anything deemed illegal, harmful, too risky, skills that I don’t have, and have no interest in learning or I simply don’t care about, regardless. Don’t miss what is stated in The Rules. Generally, the additional limits are the plays that involve scat, blackmail, vomit, blood, age play, ab/dl, cash or gift meets, massages, and non-consenting parties.