Insight into a kinkster’s receiving end


“Heaven, I’m in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak” –

Frank Sinatra

I am a middle-aged mature woman with a set-in-stone sexual identity, a well-defined orientation, and flexible preferences.

Personally speaking, the perfectly magnificent service provider is the one with a strong personality that not only willingly submits or surrenders to me specifically and exclusively but is into my FemDom fetish, many of the kinks, and other preferences I have. Add intelligence with a dash of a smart ass to the mix and he has my permission “at hello”.

Now to me, that is the right “package” in a man and the one that gets my utmost attention. Simply, the connection is deeper and stronger than with the lesser. Exceptionally intense! Instant heart-melt. Let’s not confuse that with weakness or one is less of a dominant.

Boots + High Heels + Feet = ♥

The above formula comes to my immediate mind. From what I’ve heard the foot fetish or kink is quite common. So the boot and the high heel. I don’t care how common those are, I care that I and my subservient have those in common.

Oh, dear and heavenly joy! What a delightful thrill it is when my bare feet or my choice of boots, heels are worshiped properly and passionately from the bottom of his whole being.

Working the usual erogenous zones is definitely not the only place from where or how you could make us feel good or happy. Some of us, have other (odd) ways to get to or help us have an orgasmic experience.

Obviously, it starts with my mind. Furthermore, press firmly on my arches, lick my soles …massage my feet, lick, kiss my choice of boots, heels, or…oh my! …just let me do things to you using any of those. Let’s bring this up to new heights and dress it up. Help me put off or on my stockings and jewelry or test around different heels and boots. How about being fed from those? I assure you it will be a night in and a sure hangover the next day.

I don’t want to be worshiped all of the footwear I own either. Only the ones I love or have some sort of attachment to it. For personal reasons, mid-2018, I had to get rid of dozens of heels and boots. I was devastated about having to take the executive decision to do so but life goes on.


I’d need, however, a prior connection to make it real. To me, that is like just having sex vs making love. Making love is an art and with the right muse, I am quite a passionate artist.

This Queen is the happiest when placed on her altar of total and absolute control while pampered deliciously right. Only, however, as the result of the prior obedience requirement and the FemDom male slavery premise. Place her on the altar and you will get her undivided attention for as long as you can keep it up.

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