I, The Mistress, submit


This is the real me.

“I, The Mistress, submit”…willingly on my knees while eagerly waiting for the command of the ever cruel Sir. Patiently waiting for the next attention I may get from Master’s whip in hopes he remembers me enough to come back and do it again. Oh, what a joyful soul this one is!

He just makes me feel so alive. Even when I shake in fear while he caresses my hair. I am at his total mercy. He hypnotize me; he makes me dream; he makes me scream when I feel that I am burning. He is the owner of the beat of my heart, he is the air I breathe, and the voices in my head. He takes me with him to our blissful paradise with one look. I desire nothing more but to stay there until the end of days.

My Master

Master is no longer around, I think. He is long gone, I think. Somehow, however, I can hear him in my dreams. Perhaps it is him the one laughing at me so wickedly. He is like that lost place in the fog that I keep looking for but I just can’t find it.

He must like to torture me. That is okay, I guess. He has one good use for me, at least. I am glad, though. I can’t help but have my own selfish motives. Maybe that is why he doesn’t want me around that often. I am not a good enough slave. I am very intense. Too intense, perhaps. I worship him with devotion and I will go to great lengths to (try) to satisfy his every wants and needs. I have even given what I do not have.

Sadly, there is one bad thing in our history. I’ve been disobedient. Maybe he is just punishing me for those times that I’ve taken the executive decision to walk out on him. How dare me to have my own thoughts! Why did I do that then? I had no options at all. I strongly believe that to this day. That is why. Maybe he will understand and take me back one more time in this lifetime. Why would he anyway? I am not trustworthy in his eyes.

Regardless, I miss him so much that my heart aches. I feel so empty without him. The longing has become almost unbearable. Almost. I am strong. I know I can hold on for as long as I have to just to try to get a bit closer to the bruises of his attention.

The Reveal

The attention of LOVE. The only Sir and Master of this lonely Mistress.

My dearest you, Sir, I promise that I’ve learned my lesson. I will be the most loyal servant you will ever have. Just please, I beg you, please Master, has some mercy in this lonely lost soul and grant me the warmth of your touch once again. Just one more time will do. I need you now more than ever. Please, …please, allow me that one last chance to prove myself worthy of you. I am bleeding inside and out.

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