I Dream of an alpha slave


My Primary partner will have one job: To please and serve me. Making my life easier while adding positively to it.

Even when I wander off to dreamland, I still will make a priorities list. The first item at hand is successfully building and maintaining a mutually fulfilling M/s service-obedience oriented long-term relationship. Ideally lifelong and my forever. The second will be to have sub-slaves. The former with sexual serving and lastly may or not include sexual serving.

Extraordinary Alpha

I want a consensual slave that wants to serve me personally in every aspect and not the one that wants to serve someone or just anyone for that matter. I am not the standard woman. Thus, I want a non-standard man. Will not settle for any less.

In the long run, I have no intention to tell him every single step he must take and what he’ll have to do to fulfill his one job. If I have to, then is defeating the premise. He will then become a burden to me.

I am not the type of woman that will micromanage every aspect of his everyday life by all means necessary. Forcing and Punishment is definitely an option but not my preferable one and I may not even pursue it. It is just one more of the things that are to my discretion.

Thus, he must learn me first personally enough to know why I act the way I do and be a step ahead of me on what I want or need. But just one step ahead. My job is to provide the tool of feedback and other tools to help him succeed in his job flawlessly.

Sweet Dreaming

Collaring an Alpha Male as the senior slave for this Mistress has been her ultimate dream. A long and unfulfilled dream that never seems to come true no matter how close I may feel it is.

At times, I just Wish You Were Here already but it just seems to be a silly dream of mine after all. Neither I can’t understand why so because regardless of our relationship style it is still a two-way street because I, The Mistress, submit after all. Simply because I am a human being before I am a fetishist.

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