Get your freak on!


You have the power and the ability to be in control of some or all areas of your life. All is within your hands reach. It truly is! It is not about how you need it done or to be loved, it is about finding your essence then manifest it to the point of fulfillment. No matter how others may criticize you or will criticize you, you stand your ground.


Your kind of freaky doesn’t matter

It doesn’t really matter which gender or none you identify yourself. Your sexual orientation It doesn’t matter either.

It doesn’t matter if you need to be degraded or praised. It doesn’t matter if you need to dominate, be dominated or not even. No matter if you are the top, bottom, equal, a life-styler, or a part-timer. It doesn’t matter if you need it rough, gentle, or sensual…or what not. You name it! Yes, YOU! Just do so realistically while motivating yourself to go after your dreams. Make those attainable goals. Break it down by milestones.

…and for FFS, ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY no matter the drawbacks.

You’re your own kind of beauty

Letting Go

My personal let go in intimate relationships is having the authority and control over others and ideally, all the time and on my terms. Yea, baby! My need is to be the boss 100% of the time without ever switching.


If you are not certain yet, then, dammit, try harder to figure it out. Heck, I am personally always learning and adjusting. To me, this is a lifelong quest, not a destination. Meanwhile, enjoy this inspiring kick-ass video and song from the ever

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