Fuck Off, my darling


Look, I understand that you have needs. That you have wants. That you have responsibilities; you have goals and dreams.

So am I,…pal! Thus, if I have given you my attention, my time, my effort, or even my feelings, please do not, I repeat do not attempting along the way to reduce my value.

How dare you?! You do or keep at it and I’ll ignore you until the end of days like you never existed in my life.

I treasure myself. I put a high value in me because I know my worth well.

I am not a choice. I am not second best.

I am definitely not a backup plan!

I am not an “If”, “But”, “When” or “After”. Nor a part-time, casual or fantasy Mistress that will let you serve yourself through her. Absolutely not a late-night sexy text buddy or a fetish/kink dispenser. I don’t owe you patience, or even staying in touch.

I am first and above. I am an absolute. The absolute. I wish we don’t have to but we are going separate ways already and for good. I don’t live in your time frame. I don’t live my life in your terms.

I may dearly care for you and I probably appreciate the connection for what it was, but I loved me first. So, fuck off and don’t even try to find your way back to my kingdom. With or without you, I’ll keep on going without missing a beat. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. You are going to need it.

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