FFS! Lectures for dummies: I’m Me


I don’t need or even want your permission to be ME wherever I interact with you personally or professionally. I won’t be held back much longer. I am taking charge of this nonsense.

Dammit! I am who and how I am with whoever I feel like it and when I feel like it. Too bad if I don’t suit you because of whatever. Join the exit line out of my gates.

1. Lifestyle and Professional

Besides being your friendly neighborhood Lifestyle Dominant, I am also a type of a “sex worker”. Yes, I am a “Professional”. Yes, I am a “fetish” …whatever. Yes, I do have a modest kink start-up overall. All of it is true. I won’t hide those facts.

It is also true that you should seriously educate yourself before you shoot your mouth to or about any of us. I won’t do it myself not even if you paid me but I can reaffirm the following about myself.

  • No, I’m not a “FinDom” even though I lease some of my dominant skills or knowledge to non-personal play submissives. My specialization is far from finances.
  • No, I’m not even interested in stupid “Wish Lists”. I don’t want clutter in my sweet home. Pfft!

2. Don’t think. Just accept it.

  • No, I won’t “dispense” any specific kinks to anyone I don’t have a personal relationship/connection with first.
  • No, I won’t “force” you into submission just because you need to feel dominated.
  • No, I won’t hold your hand or “train” you into submission.
  • No, I won’t do anything with or “to” you that I’m not comfortable with or at least I don’t happily tolerate and as part of fair personal exchange, even if you are only into it “once in a while” or “once a month”.

Bonus: Adulting Intro

Real-life exists and most of us, humans, live in it. That is the thing about life. It is our present reality. This is real life and in real life, there are no safewords. There are no time-outs or breaks in adulting.

For example, you are unexpectedly unemployed, don’t have control over the fact that your bills will keep-on even though you are broke and you may even find yourself in your mom’s basement …again. Definitely one thing got nothing to do with the other.


I don’t give a fuck but I really do NOT make the adulting rules. It would be nice to have THAT kind of control : ) …but, I don’t.

You don’t get to control who I am

You do get to control how you re/act, though.

So, next time you whine about how you “won’t pay for a Domme” just because I approached you personally, how we have this specific kink in common but I won’t accept your “submission”, how I’m rushing you or how you feel pushed if we already started despite my caring strategy, (etc.) think again but inwards.

All of that noise that you are creating and trying to project is about you and not me! (1) You chose to be an ignorant ass that thinks Lifestylers owe you or we all Pros are created equal. (2) You were properly warned but you chose to be and stay in my life on your own free will.

Apparently, it is too much to expect to deal with mature grown men already and not (fuck)boys that are yet to be made a man. Whatever. Just watch your steps with me, kid.

Are we clear? Or, do I have to doddle it for you?

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