Cheap Thrills


Sometimes, when I am extremely bored I like to toy with vanilla men. I am not necessarily looking for it. I guess, lack of quality kinky entertainment at a times make me want to go at the chance of a cheap thrill.

Anyway more specifically, I find it very amusing when vanilla guys discover that my sexual orientation is bisexuality. Furthermore, when they also learned that I enjoy threesomes, swinging, nudism, and MM action as a voyeur or participant. That I’ve enjoyed in the past many role-play like the good girl gone bad, dominatrix, and even bottom. Their mind just goes racing to…drum roll…yeah, you got it. HIMSELF!

I can’t help it! These self-centered creatures are so cute when they go start making plans and try to get me. One of the things they plan about is that I will bring females to their beds. Or, check my favorite one: that they can covert me to like only men because no man has shown me yet what a real man is like in bed and/or otherwise…but he can and I will love it and be with him in forever adoration for it. Sure…sure, buddy, you are the holder of a magical stick.

Furthermore, when a man in the D-type roles within the kinky community think that he can convert me to be a sub or a slave. Or that I would happily play bottom or that they are doing me a favor if they submit to me this one time out of their sacrifice. So cute too!

The rest of my time is precious. I rather use my time for something truly worthwhile that last instead of cheap thrills like the above examples.

But, hey, a girl has to have her fun no matter what. Don’t you agree? : )

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