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Mistress of Dreams – Al Desnudo

It is My intention to document My uncut journey as humanly possible and I’ll be delighted to have you accompany Me for a while.

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Beneath the Surface

You’re warmly invited to follow My journey not only as a Dominant Female in the perpetual search for My ultimate alpha sub but as a woman, neighbor, dreamer, and an all-around weirdo full of flaws and vulnerabilities.

To Me, the consensual Master and slave BDSM power exchange dynamic its not just about sex or any kink or erotic play. I belief it is a relationship style that goes well beyond the bedroom and gets complimented well with an every day authority transfer female lead relationship. It can be spiritual at times and it is not about what I could do to a partner, or what this partner can do for Me, but what this partner can and will contribute to maintain a healthy and happy connection like Me.



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