Classic Power Exchange

Consent, submit and obey Her.

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Enigmatic Lady

Count on being owned and guessing what she'll do next.

Fire and Ice Queen

Igniting your dark desire for submission and surrender.

Mistress Sara

"Whether you come for your next fix, to explore or truly serve Me, I'll liberate you from the burdens and constraints of this ordinary world. I want the surrender of your control to be an enjoyable practice that you strive to be great at repeatedly, even in extreme and rough activities rather than stressing over or holding back. Crafting, stimulating you to new heights, and delivering our own unique joyful experience without any harm is My target. Exploring FemDom utilizing the mind, body, and soul through the classic BDSM techniques." While this dominant Hispanic could take some fantasies and make those an illusion or a reality, it's still will be Her way and she'll have the final say because Her style is dom-centric. She'll always respect, however, boundaries, and ideally, She also has been given the chance to expand those.

1. Kink-Discovery

Curious or new but self-exploration hasn't taken you far. You are ready to take the next step into a theoretical discussion or a personal approach.

2. Kink-Companionship

Bossy girlfriend experience pushing you to improve life while achieving goals during a time frame by modifying your behavior, attitude or outlook.

3. Kink-Experience

Already you know what you want or need. It is likely activity-specific but you don't need immediate delivery. Over-time works for you.

4. Kink-Fix

Simply you want or need it now with such urgency that is a bother and soon will never be fast enough. On-demand works for you.